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Orientation & Transitioning

Orientation and Transitioning

We understand that for many families, starting at childcare for the first time can be an emotional or anxious time. We’re confident that it won’t take long for your child to feel at home in our engaging and nurturing environment and for you to feel relaxed about leaving them.

We provide orientation sessions to ease your transition and ensure the best experience for you and your child on their first day. Orientation helps you and your child become familiar with our centre and our educators. If your child is confident about starting childcare, you may only need to drop by quickly together the day before. Or, they might be more comfortable after a series of short visits leading up to the first day. Alternatively, you may prefer to start your child on shorter days to ease them into the new routine. We will be more than happy to work with you and create a plan that best accommodates your needs through the orientation period.

We will continue to nurture and support your child as they transition through each important stage of early childhood development. We offer a school readiness program to slowly introduce your child to the new routines they will encounter at school. The program prepares them socially, emotionally and physically and also introduces the basic concepts of reading and writing to ensure your child’s start to primary school is a positive experience. This program and our other educational programs for younger stages of development are further explained under Lifelong Learning Programs .


Parent Communication

We understand that family involvement is critical to your child’s success while in our care and we provide many ways to keep you involved through every step of the journey.

Family Handbook

We've developed this Family Handbook to act as your roadmap when enrolling your child in our centre. It tells you everything you need to know about our centre, including educational programs, orientation, family responsibilities, health and safety, fees and more.

Click here to download the Lifelong Learning Centres Family Handbook.

A hard copy of the handbook can also be viewed at reception.

Stay Digitally Connected via Storypark

Storypark is provided as an online resource that allows you to interact with your child’s learning and development no matter where you are. We can instantly record and communicate your child’s progress and send you updates, photos and videos of what they’re doing throughout the day. It’s free for you to use and you can log in from anywhere at any time. Communication is two-way through your child’s own personal private profile so you can contribute to their learning journey as well. When you provide feedback and updates about their achievements outside of the centre, it helps us to tailor activities and resources to their interests and abilities. It is a valuable platform for us to foster stronger relationships with you and enhance your childcare experience as a family.

Visit our centre and ask our friendly educators to give a demonstration of how Storypark is used to keep you involved in your child’s daily learning and play.

Parent-teacher events

Regular parent-teacher events provide a valuable opportunity for us to build our relationship with you so that we continuously support your child as a cohesive team. Our conversation will focus on the future well-being of your child’s development and on tailoring a plan to support their continued learning. Details of when these events are hosted are provided directly to you.

Information events

We also host regular information events for families. Here, you and your child will benefit from networking with other families in our community. These events are a fantastic way to strengthen our support network and to display all children’s group and individual successes, which is an encouraging boost to their confidence.

Contact us to enquire about the next information event.

One-to-one communication

Our centre manager welcomes your feedback and is available to answer queries or work through any concerns with your family at all times. We do not advocate the use of social media sites such as Facebook as a platform for expressing negative comments against any children, educators or the centre. At all times, we endeavour to resolve queries or issues on a personal basis.

You can make contact by phone, email or in person at the centre via appointment. Our goals are to create respectful, productive relationships with all families, and we greatly value your support and open communication.